Welcome By Abraskadabra Album Review

If you haven’t already guessed it from their band name, Abraskadabra is a ska/punk band from Curitiba/Brazil. Since their inception in 2003 they’ve released several EPs, singles, and a full-length album and are gearing up to drop their newest full-length on the 20th of February. We got the opportunity to check out their album ahead of time, so here are some of our favorites that you should keep an eye out for!

Nothing New is the album opener. When it first starts, you could easily assume that it was a classic punk song – that is until you hear the beautiful brass section harmonizing with the melody line. This song is a fantastic showcase of Abraskadabra’s abilities to merge two genres into something awesome and sets a great mood for the rest of the album.

Left Corner was another favorite track of mine. It just had the perfect mix of catchy ska-like horn lines, as well as catchy punk-like vocal lines. You’ll notice as you listen through this album that Abraskadabra is phenomenal at writing catchy riffs and hooks, which means that you will be humming along with every song almost immediately, and it feels great.

The Dream is the second to last track on the album and was another one of my favorites. It contains some phenomenal vocal harmonies, some sick gang vocals, and an awesome chorus that has emotion infused throughout its catchy riffs. There’s also an awesome music video for this track out now on their YouTube channel, so check that out if you’re interested!

Abraskadabra has really created their own genre. Their blend of ska and punk is surprisingly seamless and honestly quite fascinating to listen to. It’s obvious in their passionate songwriting and performance that this band is one cohesive unit, which is truly something every band strives to be. Keep your eyes peeled for Welcome on the 20th of February!