Teenage Fantasy By Jorja Smith Single Review

Jorja Smith is an RnB/jazz/soul singer-songwriter from England whose career is relatively new. Her first release was on soundcloud in January of 2016, when she was just 18 years old. Even though she’s still very young, her voice is absolutely phenomenal and the storytelling nature of her songs is very immersive and relatable.

Her newest single, Teenage Fantasy, is a story about falling in love. Particularly, falling in love as a youth. It recounts the feelings of “this is the one!” and how her parents and brothers told her that this guy wasn’t (or shouldn’t) be in her future, and how she was just blinded by young love. The chorus, “We all want a teenage fantasy/want it when we can’t have it/when we got it we don’t seem to want it”, seems to strike a chord in all of us, as we start to remember our own past relationships growing up and how they didn’t work out for one reason or another. The incredibly smooth and beautiful vocals of this song are complemented beautifully with a jazzy, downtempo beat. Delicate piano riffs and vocal harmonies glide through the background and create a wonderful dream-like atmosphere within this piece.

This song is a soulful piece that has managed to evoke a heavy emotion in all of its listeners, and recreates the melancholic vibe of young love. I can’t wait to hear whatever Jorja Smith releases in the future as her young career continues to move forward, because if this song is any indication of her current songwriting abilities, it will be absolutely phenomenal.