Tank’d By The Spins EP Review

The Spins are an indie/alt rock band from NJ who released their debut EP Tank’d earlier this year. The band has managed to create a beautiful and dreamy vibe with their pleasing guitar licks, pleasant vocals, and relatable lyrical content. The entire EP has a very nice continuity to it, so every song sits well next to each other. However I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites.

Where I’ve Been encapsulates a feeling of separation and distance, beginning with the lyrics, “Why are you so far away?” The up-and-down vocal riff is a nice touch, and it creates a very distinct but recognizable sound. Likewise the guitar riffs, particularly the one during the intro, are extremely pleasant, and help convey the message of the piece.

The Spins (yes they have a track named after their band name) has a very dreamy vibe. The intro contains lots of open strings within the guitar chords, which helps solidify an endless sounding progression. I’m also a sucker for some guitar harmonics, so I absolutely loved the addition of the harmonics to complement the vocal lines. Contained within this piece is also quite a bit of feeling behind the lyrics, which only furthers the emotional credibility of the EP as a whole.

This Room is the final track on the album, and just about twice as long as every other track. It begins with a beautiful finger-picking guitar line, but picks up the rhythmic pace as the vocals come in. The quick guitar riffs work in conjunction with the vocal lines beautifully, and create a very pleasing atmosphere. The riffs are also very recognizable and catchy. So taking into account the length of this song, by the time you’re about halfway through things start to seem very familiar. I also have to point out the addition of more beautifully placed harmonics. They add such a nice touch.

This is a solid EP. The tracks flow together nicely, they have a good atmosphere and vibe, and they are just pleasant to listen to. I also really like the inclusion of sound bytes in these tracks, it really take the songs a step closer to realism. Hearing the band members laughing or cars starting makes the words spoken within the tracks seem far more real. I look forward to what The Spins create in the future!