Summertime Gladness By Dance Gavin Dance Single Review

The very prolific post-hardcore band from Sacramento just dropped their newest single yesterday, Summertime Gladness, and it’s another wonderfully catchy summer jam.

The song starts off with some fast strumming and very fascinating guitar chords, complemented by high-register notes and riffs. As the song continues these intricate higher riffs fill out the sonic space of the piece in a very pleasing way. The contrast between high and low is something Dance Gavin Dance has always done well in their songs, not only with their choice of instrumentation but also through their expert use of back-and-forth singing and screaming. The chorus of this song has some extremely catchy lyrics and vocal runs accented by a very high guitar riff that is just absolutely beautiful to listen to. As the song continues, we hear that DGD decided to go with a more unusual drum pattern, one that is common to disco music, interestingly enough. This ever so small change really gives the listener a different interpretation of this part of the piece, but it fits the summer-time vibe they are going for incredibly well. We also have to given special mention to that smooth-as-butter synth line around 2:30 of their youtube stream. I’ve listened to that specific part a large number of times.

This song has so much going on, and it’s awesome. Between intricate guitar riffs, vocal harmonies, interesting vocals and screams, drum patterns and extra synths hidden throughout the background, this song is a brilliant addition to the Dance Gavin Dance repertoire. Go check it out!