Set the Scene by Off Guard EP Review

Off Guard, an alt-rock/pop punk band from Long Island, released their debut EP Set the Scene last month. I was thrilled when I heard this EP; every track offers something unique and creates an incredibly beautiful atmosphere and immersive vibe. There wasn’t a single track that I disliked on this EP, but these three were my favorites:

Strawberry Moon has a great vibe. The vocal melody line is very catchy and mixes with the chord progression along with some echoy vocal harmonies to produce a beautiful resolution. Subtle, repetitive guitar riffs litter the background and aid in creating the beautiful atmosphere that this song lives within.

Tension begins with a really slick acoustic guitar picking riff. As the full band comes in, the electric guitar harmonizes with the acoustic to produce some absolutely beautiful tones. The very end of the song features a very short, but extremely pleasant piano riff that fits within the acoustic riff from the beginning of the piece. A short and subtle part, but certainly a wonderful addition to the piece.

Angie (I Don’t Much Care Where) has some beautiful guitar riffs that mesh with the vocal line beautifully. In addition, it has this really neat trick where the lyrical pattern matches up with the intense chord strikes and drum hits as it changes its pattern. It’s subtle, but it really stood out to me as being a unique addition to the piece. This piece also features some of my favorite echoy harmonies on the entire EP, and has the absolute best final chord. This song is a great finale track.

This band just does a phenomenal job at creating a vibe and keeping it consistent throughout the EP. From start to finish, this EP is well-crafted, unique, and musically quite interesting to dissect. Definitely check out Set the Scene by Off Guard!