Redeemed By Tommy Luck Single Review

Tommy Luck, California-based rapper/producer, just released his newest single Redeemed. He has a unique background that has colored his writing style, beginning as a rock guitarist/drummer and moving through the acoustic and electronic music genres. Working in so many genres allows Tommy to draw different facets from each to craft an interesting and unique musical experience for his listeners.

This song starts with a really sick rap placed above vocal chops and fast drum movement. It shifts gears quickly when the catchy chorus vocals (ft. ZADA) come in. The second verse seems way heavier, as it adopts a more emotional chord progression beneath the rap. This variety adds a lot of movement to the track, and you can definitely hear progression occurring. After the second chorus is an instrumental outro that builds intensity through some awesome synth riffs and drum patterns. Certainly not an ending I would have expected, but one that I quite like.

The attention to detail in this song is great. There are so many subtleties that exist within this track that make this experience even more awesome. The lines are catchy, the lyrical content is interesting, and the vocal feature is a lovely addition to the piece. I’m excited to see what else Tommy Luck releases in the future!