Perception By NF Album Review

Nathan Feuerstein (better known as his stage name NF) is a singer, songwriter, and rapper from Michigan known for his incredibly honest and real lyrics, that lay his inner demons on the table for all to see. NF just released his third studio album, Perception, that continues the groundwork laid by his two previous albums, Mansion and Therapy Session.

I want to start off by saying that this album is absolutely ground breaking. NF has such a distinct and incredibly honest style of rapping that brilliantly shines through on this album. His songs are heavy; they aren’t just something you will sit down and listen to, they will seriously make you think about your life.

I mean it when I say each and every track on this hour long album is worth your time, but everyone has some tracks that stick out to them. For me Intro III is one of those tracks. NF has started every album with an “Intro” track so far, and it serves to set up the album and discuss what’s been going on with him. This track is backed by lots of orchestral elements atop atmospheric, almost creepy, piano lines. NF is the master at quotable lyrics, and my favorite one is the final line in this track: “I’m gonna just look out the window and laugh at you. This is crazy to me, cause I thought you had me in prison this whole time, but I’m the one holding the key.” This whole track seems to be a conversation between Nate and his inner demons that are claiming to have made him who he is.

As the album continues, it gets heavier. If You Want Love is a very introspective and melancholic look back through Nate’s childhood, which was not an easy one. Remember This, the track immediately following, is in the same vein and uses pitch shifted vocals on the hook to retain this “child-like” quality. My favorite line in this song was “Anyone can take your life, but not what you believe in.”

Outro is the counterpoint to Intro III. Nate muses about how if he ever becomes truly happy will people start to resent his music? Because his pain has always been the main inspiration for it. But then he realizes why people are following him: “This is for the kids who feel like they live at the bottom and everyday of their lives is like it’s darker than Halloween. You ain’t alone out there, look around you we got a lot of fans in here.” He’s creating a safe haven for all those misfits who feel like they don’t fit in.

Nate doesn’t waste any time in this hour long album – every word has a purpose and provides an incredible insight into the life of someone who has gone through hell. This insight Nate passes to us, in hopes that we too can find our true purpose and help out one other.

“We’re only three records in it and this is just the beginning.”