Moments by Everywhere Single Review

The London based alt-rock band Everywhere is back again with their newest single, Moments. We actually reviewed their previous single Man Up (which you can check out HERE) a few months ago, and were stoked to hear they had another new track for us to check out!

This track starts off with echoy guitar plucks that set up an emotive and engaging chord progression. The song builds to the chorus, which has a beautiful synth line coupled with a catchy vocal line. These vocals are further joined by some very pretty vocal harmonies. Each consecutive chorus adds additional elements which keep the song engaging – specifically more beautiful vocal harmonies that you’ll definitely want to look out for. This song has a great vibe to it, it’s easy to listen to, and it packs a surprising amount of emotion.

It’s great to hear another track from Everywhere. This band certainly has a unique and fun vibe to offer the music world, and I certainly plan to continue to check out their stuff in the future!