Metrocon Massive 6

Last month I got the awesome opportunity to attend Metrocon Massive 6, which is America’s largest convention rave that took place at the Tampa Convention Center in Florida. This is my second year attending, and it just keeps getting better. The 100,000 sq. ft. venue is well suited for the large amounts of people that show up to dance to all the best hardcore DJs around.

In fact, I think it’s kind of funny to note that the majority of the rave goers were from the convention, which was awesome because it meant that the majority of the crowd was dressed up as random video game and anime characters. Watching all those people rave is an experience in itself, let alone the incredible music and lighting.

The raves started with the launch party on Thursday night. Since this was the first night and not yet the weekend, it had the smallest crowd, but by no means a weak lineup. Featured on Thursday was Hellroy, an EBM/industrial artists whose hometown is Tampa. Next was Cris Intensive, a drum and bass/hardcore artist from Miami, FL, and finally to finish off the night, Colby Boothman, a hardcore/dubstep musician from Rhode Island (this guy was also, surprisingly enough, a raptor handler in Jurassic World). All the DJs were super solid and set a great vibe for the following few days of raves. If you’re still fairly new to raves, much like myself, getting to go on Thursday night before things really start picking up is actually a great way to ease yourself in to the insanity to come.

Friday is when things really started to get rolling. The theme for this night was mad scientists, so naturally the dancers had lab coats and other such apparel on (anything Rick and Morty related was more than acceptable). Featured that night was Tamerax, a hard trance/freeform artist all the way from Montreal, Canada. Future Shock, a hardcore musician all the way from Glasgow, Scotland. DJ Scar, a hardcore artist from New South Wales, Australia, and last but not least Hardcore Plur, a classic hardcore artist from Naples, FL. As you can see, these events are huge. They’re literally shipping in DJs from all over the world, and it’s awesome.

And finally Saturday night. This night was monster girl themed, and it was absolutely insane. Saturday by far had the biggest and most enthusiastic crowd, and featured the incredible DJs Jimni Cricket, a hardcore artist from Seattle, WA, the power couple Zoe and Rob Vanwest, who were actually the ones to get this entire event off the ground, and DJ Scott Brown, the esteemed hardcore artist from Glasgow, Scotland. This was certainly a night to remember. From choreographed glow dancers throwing pool noodles into the crowd, to lazer lights that shot like rhythmic bullets through the fog-filled air, this night was one for the books.

Metrocon Massive 6 is an event unlike any other I’ve been to. Never have I been around such friendly and enthusiastic people, going crazy to literally some of the world’s most talented DJs that were able to create absolutely mesmerizing hardcore tracks. If you ever find yourself in Florida during Metrocon, you absolutely must check this event out. In fact, just book your hotel now, and I’ll see you there next year!

Our photographer had the opportunity to spend more extensive time with the djs, staff, and performers. Here is what he had to say about the event: “This was my third year attending metrocon, and my second year shooting it. This event is easily a huge highlight of my year in terms of creative control during the shoots, and also in terms of the incredible people I get to see, know, and hang out with. I loved capturing so many fun moments both on stage and behind the stage with such a positive group. I highly recommend this event to anyone, and I think each and every cosplayer, raver, and con-goer should make this journey at least once!”

Below, enjoy some shots of the various performers of Massive 6. You can view the more extensive collection of our shots by clicking HERE!

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