Man Up ft. Rebecca Nohr By Everywhere

Everywhere, a London based alt rock band, recently released their newest track, Man Up. The band has been making waves ever since the release of their first single in 2013. Since then, the band has released several EPs that have done quite well, and they’re back at it again with their first release of 2017.

This jam begins with some beautiful vocals and harmonies, mixed in among some atmospheric synths and sounds. As the chorus plays, we are treated to an extremely catchy disco-inspired bass line and drum beat, alongside a catchy vocal line and a super slick synth lead. The bridge introduces some excellent bongo beats and continues to throw that beautiful synth lead at us. As the final chorus plays through, there’s no doubt you’ll be singing along.

This song has some super catchy lyrics and vocal lines, smooth synths, sick bass lines, and a great vibe. You will definitely want to check out Everywhere’s newest release!