It’s Alright By Sam Valdez Single Review

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Sam Valdez is an up-and-coming artist that has creatively meshed the shoegaze and vintage Americana folk genres. This amalgamation of musical emotions has managed to create something quite unique and exudes a wonderfully melancholic and atmospheric vibe.

It’s Alright is a beautiful song. A dreamy atmosphere hangs above the track, which is only furthered by echoey vocals and vocal harmonies mimicked by the sound of a steel string guitar. While this piece might at first seem simplistic in nature, the intricacies of the instrumentation and precision of the vocal lines make this track, in reality, quite complex. This wasn’t written by some amateur songwriter- there is evident skill and purpose put into in each piece of this puzzle.

I am a huge fan of the melancholic vibe, so this song deeply resonated with me. It’s self-evident through this track that Sam Valdez is an extremely skilled musician that is on course to create a new genre entirely. Sam has said that there is more music coming soon, so stay tuned!