…Is All Mine By The Pleasure Album Review

The Pleasure is 3-piece band from Hampton Roads, Virginia whose genre is certainly unique. While overall I would refer to them as a rock band, their various musical styles include folk, pop-punk, and alternative. Seriously, they have packed a ton of different genres and techniques into their releases, including their newest album, …Is All Mine.

The first track of this album, Buckle Up, starts right off with a catchy guitar riff and some nice vocal lines. Then a sudden drop in tempo drastically changes the feeling of the song. Some echo-y vocals in the background continue to build atmosphere, and the tempo jumps back up with some more fast riffing. This song to me is very reminiscent of a Closure in Moscow piece, particularly in the vocals. With lots of back and forth singing and cool guitar solos and riffs, this is one of my favorite tracks on the album.

Circus of Sound, the second track on the album, has a much more classic rock vibe to it. Along with some catchy vocals and riffs, this is another solid piece on the album, and definitely worth checking out.

Another favorite track of mine was Becoming. It features almost exclusively acoustic guitar chords and heavily distorted vocals. This piece has a “western” vibe to it, and it’s beautiful. Lots of echo-y vocals and atmospheric cymbal hits make this piece quite atmospheric.

Across the board this album was bizarre, fascinating, catchy, unusual, and overall a very enjoyable experience. While I’ve only mentioned my favorite songs on this list, the rest are definitely worth a listen. The Pleasure seems to have a solid grasp on many different styles and ways of making music, and they’ve really used that to their advantage in this release. This album definitely has a different feel from anything else right now, so go check it out!