Imagery Machine – Self Titled Album Review


Imagery Machine hails from Southern California, and their sound definitely reflects that. They have the beachy guitar sounds, and they have a great vibe about them. The song lyrics match this “hippie” vibe as well.

Nothing is overly complex instrumentally throughout the album, which I’m sure is by design. Apart from some pretty sick guitar leads, they mostly keep to some beautiful subtleties thrown in all over. Clever guitar riffs, cool drum lines, and extremely catchy and interesting vocal lines. This band screams indie music through and through.I found myself singing along to the songs “Imagery Machine” and “Lost In Love” right away. In addition, I think the vocal harmonies really give these songs personality. The harmonies are well placed, and tastefully done.

“The Art of Letting Go” has some super catchy, almost jazzy sounding rhythm guitar parts, as well as a pretty vibey guitar solo, that really stood out to me as a highlight on the album. And the song ends with some beautifully ghostly-sounding vocals, which I quite enjoyed.

“Just a Dream” reminded me of a surf toon as soon as it started, and showcases a different side of this band. It’s very relaxed to me, and specifically the guitars and chord progression just remind me of that core Southern Cali vibe. The song continues to progress into a very bright and fun piece, enhanced by a more stripped down outro which eventually leads right back into the original “Imagery Machine” feeling we’ve grown accustomed to through this album.

“Silent Violent” certainly has an odd vibe to it. This is apparent right from the get-go, with the unconventional chord progression and echoey vocals. It holds its own, however, providing yet another example of how Imagery Machine has their own unique style.

“Premium”, the final track on the album, was another one that stood out to me. It has some sick rhythm guitar parts, as well as an interesting lead guitar, that has some cool panning effects going on. This song was another track that I caught myself humming along to, even before I knew the lyrics. The hooks and repetitions really work for it, since it’s so catchy and full of energy.

This band definitely has a solid vibe to their music. They sound very tight, and even after looking up a few live shows, they keep that same feeling. While this band captures a very dreamy feeling throughout most songs, they are not afraid to become a full-blown rock band, with head-banging distorted guitar leads. This provides a good mixture, and shows that the band has diversity in their music, which prevents the songs from becoming stale. Though I wasn’t much a fan of the guitar tone, and bits of the vocal production, overall, Imagery Machine is a solid band that you should definitely give a listen. The band has a big show coming up Monday, December 5th headlining the Casbah with Sights and Sages and Sweet Myths. They are also looking for a full time bassist, so if this is your cup of tea, and you can slappa’ da bass, hit them up!