Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares By Silence The Radio

Silence The Radio is a pop punk band from Providence, Rhode Island. They have a bit of an interesting origin story, as they formed to counteract the metal and easycore scene of Providence and bring the people back to the days of mid 2000’s pop punk and alternative music. They’re getting ready to release Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares, their sophomore EP, on December 1st and we were given the opportunity to check it out early. I’m pleased to say that it absolutely accomplishes its goal!

I’ll go over several of my favorite songs from this EP beginning with opener track, Knock Me Out. This song opens with an intro of organ chords played above distorted vocals. As the song continues, a beautiful and unexpected chord progression is introduced and filled out with layered vocals and intense emotional elements. Overall, this track is a great opener, and sets the vibe for the rest of the EP.

Friendly Neighborhood Nightmare is the midpoint in the EP, and opens with a beautiful jaunty riff filled with guitar chugs. As the first chorus is reached, you hear the catchy vocal line and simple, yet beautiful, guitar playing that complements the rest of the piece quite well. The song continues to build off of the catchy vocal riff, and even includes a pretty cool section with gang vocals.

Believe In Me (Believe In You) is the last track on the EP and one of my favorites. Right from the start, we’re given a beautiful vocal line atop one of my favorite guitar riffs on the entire EP. The chorus of this track has it all: the same guitar riff sitting with some beautiful and emotive chords, and an absolutely phenomenal vocal line (that is extremely catchy, I might add). This finale track ties up the experience wonderfully.

These catchy and emotive tracks convey the pop punk atmosphere perfectly. If the goal of this band is to capture and re-create the vibe of mid 2000’s pop punk, then as far as I’m concerned they’ve nailed it. This EP doesn’t do anything new, it just does what it does extremely well – and that’s precisely its purpose. Get ready for Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares, which comes out tomorrow!