Echo By Monti (ft. Josh Stevens) Video Review

Echo is the debut single of Los Angeles based electro pop artist Monti. One of the new artist’s main objectives is to inspire youth through her lyrics, which reflect her own childhood. Growing up in an abusive and broken home filled with drugs and alcoholism has led Monti to share her story in order to help the younger generation. A very admirable endeavor, for sure.

The song itself features some beautiful piano and synth string lines. The chorus is powerful both lyrically and in instrumentation. It’s obvious that Monti is an incredibly talented singer who infuses immense amounts of passion and intensity through various vocal techniques.

This track is accompanied by a video showing the daily life of aspiring fashion design student Reggie Snowden. Reggie used the opportunity he was given with this video as a way to describe his process of having to get up early to travel by buses and trains to attend school, all while still juggling work. Seeing L.A. through the eyes of a youth aspiring to do good things is quite a beautiful and unique perspective and does a wonderful job to bolster the message found within the song itself.

It’s so wonderful to see new artists working to spread good in the world, and this track is certainly a testament to Monti’s enthusiasm for her cause. Overall, this is a fantastic song accompanied by a very powerful visual piece.